NIPTE Outstanding Student Researchers | 2020

Hongbo Chen, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Minnesota

Hongbo Chen received his B.S. in Pharmaceutics Sciences from Fudan University, China in 2015. His enthusiasm for pharmaceutical research, especially on drug product development, brought him to Professor Calvin Sun’s lab at the University of Minnesota as a Ph.D. student. His thesis research mainly focuses on the development of spherical crystallization technique to simultaneously improve the manufacturability and dissolution performance of drugs. Through such process, a high drug loading direct compression formulation can be developed. His work is highly regarded by the peer scientists, and he has received the AAPS Best Abstract Awards (2018, 2019), AAPS Travel Grant Award sponsored by AstraZeneca (2019), and several other fellowships.

After finishing his Ph.D. study, Hongbo joined the Department of Analytical Development at Biogen as a scientist, working on the development of dissolution and analytical methods.

Dana E. Moseson, Ph.D. Candidate, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University

Dana is completing her Ph.D. in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy at Purdue University under Dr. Lynne S. Taylor, where her graduate research focuses on critical quality attributes of hot melt extruded amorphous solid dispersions. Her research combines formulation, manufacturing, and characterization approaches to investigate fundamental scientific questions related to pharmaceutical product development. In particular, she seeks to identify the critical quality attributes of dosage forms through high resolution characterization approaches to define mechanistic factors affecting their relevance to product performance. She is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2018-2021) and won the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas Foundation graduate student award in 2019.

Prior to joining Purdue University, Dana worked at Emerson Resources, Inc. in Norristown, PA from 2006-2016 where she led the formulation development of a wide range of drug products, both oral solids and specialty dosage forms, coordinating with formulation, manufacturing, analytical, quality assurance, and clients to produce GMP clinical batches. She also has a B.S. degree in Life Science from Pennsylvania State University.