Nivedita Shetty, Purdue University

2018 NIPTE Outstanding Student Researcher

Nivedita Shetty graduated with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Bombay College of Pharmacy in India in 2013. She then joined the master’s program at Northeastern University in Boston and worked as a graduate research assistant with Dr. Vladimir Torchilin in the “Center for
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine”. During her masters program, she had the unique opportunity to work as an intern in the formulation team at Acetylon Pharmaceuticals and in the PK/PD department at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. After graduating from Northeastern in 2015, Ms Shetty joined Purdue University’s PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences program. Currently, Ms Shetty is a third-year graduate student in the department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy working with Dr. Tony Zhou in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing and particle engineering.

Her current research focuses on combating the respiratory infections caused by multidrug resistant ‘super bugs’. She developed a novel combination powder formulation of colistin and ciprofloxacin with combined benefits of high aerosol efficiency, synergistic antibacterial activity and moisture protection.