Dr. Ahmed Zidan

Talk Title: Quality Considerations of 3D Printing of Drug Products: ETT Collaborative Approach for Fostering Innovation

Abstract: The growing demand for customized medicines increases the impact of 3D printing as one of the emerging technologies for precise manufacturing of individually developed dosage forms. In all 3D printing technologies, large number of materials, geometrical and process factors affect the quality of these computationally designed dosage forms and safety of their use. In addition, for printing an identical dosage form, the quality may vary when built using different 3D printers, even when the same model of the printer, printing parameters, process steps, and raw materials are used. Therefore, knowledge of how the variability of each input parameter and processing step affects the final finished product is critical to ensuring its quality. There is no specific guidance concerning the design, manufacturing process and quality testing considerations for 3D printed solid dosage forms. This presentation will then highlight some of specific methodologies and control strategies considerations over the material, geometrical and process parameters for 3D printing of solid dosage forms. A case study of employing 3D pneumatic assisted microextrusion based 3D printing to manufacture modified release tablets and polypills will be presented. considerations for process validation will be also discussed so that quality for all printlets is maintained when built in a single cycle, between cycles, and by different printers. The issue of identifying and linking the critical factors to the critical quality attributes of the printlets will be also highlighted with an emphasis on the regulatory considerations involved.

Biography: Dr. Ahmed Zidan is a senior staff fellow (Pharmacologist) in the CDER/OPQ. Ahmed joined FDA in 2005 and has MS and Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences. Dr Zidan leads the manufacturing laboratories and research of Division of Product Quality Research in Office of Pharmaceutical Quality and provides hands-on trainings to reviewers on various topics, including analytical metrices of complex drug products, Preformulation, 3D printing technologies, continuous manufacturing, preclinical development and scale up processes. Dr. Zidan is the government liaison for complex excipients focus group at USP and is a member of the FDA’s additive manufacturing Group and chaired several international and domestic scientific events. Dr. Zidan is also an editorial board member of several pharmaceutical journals and published over 115 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.