2021 Research Conference

Kenneth Morris, PhD

Dr. Ken Morris has worked in the field of pharmaceutical materials science for more than 30years. This area can be described as the study of the impact of the physico-chemical properties of formulation components on the performance of the final pharmaceutical dosage form with a focus on the use of advanced analytical techniques to follow these properties throughout the manufacturing process. He was a chemist at the U.S. EPA, a research scientist at BMS, then Professor and associate department head in the IPPH department at Purdue University. He is a retired University Professor and Director of the Lachman Institute for Pharmaceutical Analysis at Long Island University, Professor emeritus at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, a special government employee of the U.S. FDA-CDER-OPQ, and an adjunct Professor at Purdue University.

2020 David JW Grant NIPTE Distinguished Scholar