2021 Research Conference

Mohammed Maniruzzaman, PhD, 2021 NIPTE Rising Star Scholar

Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
Division of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
University of Texas at Austin

Novel 3D Printing Technologies to Advance Drug Delivery

Abstract: The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach which is widely used in conventional drug delivery
platforms often restricts its application in pharmaceutical industry, due to the incapability of
adapting to individual pharmacokinetic traits. Driven by the development of additive
manufacturing (AM) technology, three-dimensional (3D) printed drug delivery systems have
gained increasing popularity, which offers key advantages over traditional drug delivery
systems. The major benefits include the ability to fabricate 3D structures with customizable
design and intricate architecture, and most importantly, ease of personalized medication.
Furthermore, the emergence of multi-material printing and advanced 3D printing platforms
such as our newly invented SMART, SPEED technologies integrate the benefits of multiple
functional materials, and thus provide widespread opportunities for the advancement of
personalized drug delivery systems containing small molecule drugs as well as macromolecules like proteins and vaccines. This presentation will provide a succinct overview on the
latest accomplishments in 3D printed drug delivery systems in PharmE3D Lab at UT Austin
as well as future perspectives for AM enabled dosage forms.