2021 Research Conference

Rahul Haware, PhD, Director of Natoli Scientific and New Business Development

I am a ‘Pharmaceutical Material Scientist’ and I am investigating the impact of the physico-mechanical properties of the pharmaceutical materials using our developed DM3 approach on the final pharmaceutical dosage form performance during powder flow, mixing, compaction, and physical stability. DM3 approach includes understanding interplay of the molecular and macroscopic properties of materials (M1) and crtical manufacturing parameters (M2) using design of experiments (D) and multivariate analysis (M3). This is important in relation with ‘Process Analytical Technology’ (PAT) and ‘Quality by Design’ (QbD) paradigm issued by US FDA. The molecular level understanding includes application of advanced analytical techniques like powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry, themogravimetric analysis, Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy, near infrared spectroscopy and molecular and crystallographic modeling.

Hawaiian Days with Dr. Morris

I had an opportunity to work with Dr. Morris as his Post-Doctoral fellow. In this presentation, I’ll share
my experience with Dr. Morris as his Post-Doctoral fellow. The major research accomplishments
specifically to measure the crystal anisotropy using our ‘in-house’ developed approach will be discussed.
Dr. Morris’s valuable guidance for asking questions starting with “why” instead of “how”, and its
implication in my transformation into a better scientist will be discussed. Additionally, some memories
of Dr. Morris colleges at UHH will be shared.