2018 NIPTE Research Conference – Research Project Presentations

The following posters will be presented at the 2018 Research Conference:
Mohammad Ali Air-Pressure Mediated Microneedle Manufacturing
Armita Azarpanah Optimization and Development of Recombinant Human Coagulation Factor VII Expression Level in Baby Hamster Kidney (BHK) Cell Culture
Jayshil Bhatt Mechanics Study of Cocrystals
Qing Cai Simultaneous quantitative analysis of six major grape polyphenols in mouse liver using LC-MS/MS
Cetin Cetinkaya Correlation of solid dosage porosity and tensile strength with acoustically extracted mechanical properties
Moshe Honick Comparison of amorphous films and spray dried dispersions of itraconazole and HPMCAS
Formulating spray dried dispersions (SDDs) into solid oral dosage forms presents numerous challenges
Hatem Nasser The Impact of Different Granulation Processes such as Wet Granulation and Hot Melt Granulation of Hydroxypropyl cellulose, HPC-SSL/SFP on the Physical and mechanical Properties of Ibuprofen Tablets
Shubhajit Paul Interplay of API-API and API-tablet matrix strength in modulating punch sticking kinetics
Tino Sanchez Targeting the tumor-associated autoantigen alpha-enolase in prostate cancer
Rusha Sardhara Comparison of Solubility and dissolution behavior of Ibuprofen and Ketoconazole in FeSSIF (made from commercial powder and scratch) and corresponding USP buffer.
Nivedita Shetty Novel Application of an Old Excipient L-Leucine- Improving Physical and Aerosolization Stability of Spray Dried Amorphous DPI Formulations.
Chenguang Wang A material-sparing approach for sildenafil orally disintegrating tablet development
Hui Wei Levothyroxine sodium tablets dissolution test
Erin Wood A Critical Evaluation of Emerging High Resolution Imaging Technologies for the Characterization of Complex Formulations
Ting Xu Process-Induced Phase Transformation of Indomethacin during the Melt Granulation process on Hot Melt Extruder