NIPTE Research Conference Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1

Tanvi Deshpande, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Investigating the Impact of plasticizers on Properties of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate (HPMCAS)


Andy Koswara, Purdue University
Spati-temporal anti-fouling control of plug-flow crystallization via heating and cooling cycle


Naveen Thakral, University of Minnesota
Polymorphic transformation of drug during compression: contribution of hydrostatic pressure and shear stress


Amy Doty, University of Michigan
A cage implant system for assessing in vivo Controlled release performance of long-Acting release PLGA deposits


Heather Boyce, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Investigation of abuse deterrent properties of sintered polyethylene oxide and hypromellose placebo tablets


Xiaoda Yuan, University of Kentucky
Quantitative insights of hydrogen bonding Interactions of indomethacin with PVP and PVP/VA using 13C solid-state NMR spectroscope


Alina Alexeenko, Purdue University
Advanced lyophilization technology consortium


Poster Session 2

Wei-Jhe Sun, University of Minnesota
Elucidating sources of fines generated In dry granulation


Hanzhou Feng, Duquesne University
Prediction of bead coating thickness using near-infrared and terahertz quantitative models


Zhongqiang Lin, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Quantification of the extent of coalescence of ethylcellulose films using permeability and spectroscopic methods


Arun Giridhar, Purdue University
Precision dosing for personalized medicine


Raj Mukherjee, University of Connecticut
Mechanistic investigation of contact electrification and bipolar charging in granular material: experiments and multi-scale models


Je Tang, University of Michigan
Development of the Liposomal amphotericin B release assay


Poster Session 3

Bowen Jiang, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Optimization of a small batch coating process in Huttlin fluid bed system by fractional factorial design


Maitraye Sen, Rutgers University
Analyzing dynamics of industrial particulate processing using discrete element method


Wenmin Yuan, University of Michigan
Development of flow-through USP 4 apparatus release assay for doxorubicin liposomes


Shikhar Mohan, Duquesne University
A robust quantitative modeling approach for blend monitoring


Ashutosh Tamrakar, Rutgers University
Modeling of granulation behavior in an agitated filter dryer


Ahmed Ibrahim, University of Maryland, Baltimore
A data fusion approach for prediction of dissolution of controlled release multiparticulate coated beads


Anik Alam, Duquesne University
Design of experiments in spectral space for efficient development of near-infrared methods


Savitha Panikar, Rutgers University
Using experimental and modeling approaches to understand a blending process