Re-thinking Pharmaceutical Technology Continuing Education



To foster, engage, and align stakeholders, particularly those in the pharmaceutical industry, academic institutions, and regulatory industry, on the needs and best practices for continuous education in pharmaceutical standards and technology sciences to advance critical pharmaceutical development. The conference will include presentations on NIPTE’s training and certification programs — including those provided to the FDA and industry — and USP’s standardization process and global efforts in promoting compendial standards through its fellowship and educational programs. 


  • NIPTE and USP efforts in pharmaceutical continuing education through training, certification, and pharmaceutical education programs to advance knowledge for pharmaceutical standards and technology development.
  • Pharmaceutical education best practices, lessons learned, and implications through case studies
  • Opportunities for integration in pharmaceutical continuous education

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Atended by:

Scientific leaders and professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, and academics seeking career development opportunities through pharmaceutical continuous education.  

Students and postgraduate trainees with an educational background in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, chemical/biochemical engineering and sciences who are interested in pharmaceutical careers.